Open Source Image Velocimetry
OSIV was designed with modularity and efficiency as high priorities. As such, OSIV supports several algorithms to perform each of the steps involved in PIV: pre-processing, cross correlation, and peak interpolation. Each of these algorithms has been extensively profiled and optimized.

OSIV has the following correlation algorithms:

  • Direct Least Squares
  • Fast Direct Least Squares
  • Direct Correlation
  • Fast Direct Correlation
  • Fourier Correlation
  • Fourier Least Squares
  • Iterative Fourier Correlation
  • Direct Normalized Correlation
  • Fast Direct Normalized Correlation
  • Fourier Normalized Correlation
OSIV also incorporates the following features:
  • Five image pre-processing algorithms
  • Four peak interpolation algorithms
  • Global pre-shifting for all algorithms
  • Sophisticated synthetic image generation
  • Arbitrary window size for all algorithms
  • Versatile batch processing of sequences
  • Publication-quality graphics generation

Perhaps as important as the algorithms which are already implemented, is this ease with which new algorithms may be added. OSIV was designed to allow new algorithms (for any step) to be incorporated with minimal effort. Please contact me if you are interested in contributing to this project.